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The Blues Don’t CareFrank Bang & the Cook County Kings - The Blues Don't Care

©2016 Blue Hoss Records

The Blues Don’t Care (3:52)

The Dream (6:45)

Million Miles Away (6:12)

Till the Day I Die (3:34)

Come On In This House (Mercy Mercy) (6:24)

Can’t Find My Way Home (7:54)

Possum In My Tree (6:07)

Repo Man (7:16)

Still Called The Blues (3:53)

Can’t Go On This Way (4:59)


Double DareFrank Bang - Double Dare (2013)

©2013 Blue Hoss Records

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Double Dare (5:29)

Burnin’ Up in the Wind (4:53)

Lose Control (4:28)

God Fearin’ Man (3:55)

Wonder Woman (5:09)

This is What It’s All About (5:21)

All’s Well (5:00)

My Own Country Way (2:59)

18 Wheels of Hell (4:26)

All I Need (5:05)

Mattie’s Girl (4:48)


Frank Bang - And They Named It Rock and Roll (2007)And They Named It Rock And Roll

©2007 Sacred Lily Records

Earthquake (3:58)

Livin’ On Your Love (4:04)

It’s You (4:08)

Everything to Me (4:01)

Ready for the Ride (6:21)

Jezebel (4:07)

Say a Prayer (5:02)

Money on My Mind (3:14)


Frank Bang - Homegrown (2006)Homegrown

©2006 Sacred Lily Records – (out of print)

Blind, Crippled, & Crazy (5:38)

Cry Out Your Name (11:57)

Sweetest Things (8:50)

Man of Many Words (11:47)

Call the Devil My Friend (6:29)

Ready for the Ride (20:09)



Frank Bang - Frank Bang's Secret Stash (2005)Frank Bang’s Secret Stash

©2005 Sacred Lily Records

Call the Devil My Friend (4:01)

Travel South (3:13)

Sweetest Things (3:51)

Cry Out Your Name / As the Crow Flies (8:16)

Got the Bill (3:05)

One Mo’Gin (4:20)

I’d Rather Be Blind Crippled & Crazy (3:57)

24 Hours a Day (2:20)

Find of a Lifetime (4:49)

One Step (3:57)

It Don’t Make Sense (If You Can’t Make Peace) (6:01)

Heartaches Were Nickels (4:54)

Keep You Satisfied (4:05)


Other Releases Featuring Frank Bang

  • Frank Bang & The Secret Stash Live from Martyr’s © 2006 Sacred Lily Records
  • Silvertone Records The Best of Buddy Guy Complete recordings 2006
  • Pirate Entertainment: Buddy Guy: Live at Buddy Guy’s Legends – 11 Separate recording.
  • Frank Bang – Alive One © 2002 Sacred Lily Records
  • The Buzz – Live at Buddy Guy’s Legends © 2000 Sacred Lily Records
  • The Buzz – The Buzz © 1997 Sacred Lily Records


16 comments on “Music & Discography
  1. Gail Hancock says:

    where can I buy your cd’s? Love your music, first heard it on bluesville on sirius

  2. Gail Hancock says:

    Thanks so much Frank! I’ll be watching for your new album to come out, and hope you’ll get down to SE Texas to perform.

    • frank says:

      Thank you Gail… all of Xm. and sirrius radio but especially bluesville….those folks rock…hope to see you in Texas in 2013

  3. John Brown says:

    Absolutely awesome music! Thank you so much!!

  4. James Durkee says:

    Frank – Heard your stuff on SiriusXM. Bought the Double Dare CD. Looking forward to more. Thank you for the great music!

  5. Jaime says:

    Frank…intense slide work. Love it. Heard a exclusive spot on Sirius last night including the track when the levee breaks. Where can I get these songs? Released yet? Let me know please. Looking for California dates in Sacramento. Keep grinding the bar.
    Your blues brother from another, Jaime V (bass player) “Bad Behavior Blues Band”

  6. Steve says:

    Music like this has been missed for a long time!! Great sound, slide work, the band,,etc…look forward to seeing you one day in NY/NJ!!!

  7. David says:

    You rock man. I have turned all my friends on to your music as well as the owner of Memphis Music on Beale Street in Memphis. He is going to stock your cd’s. Bring your act to Memphis, we are the birthplace of the blues and would love to see you. Rock on

    • frankbang says:

      Thank you. That means a lot. I’m even thinking of getting one of my old buds in Memphis in the band in 2016. So hopefully after my new disc comes out we will be there. Thank you

  8. Ritchie says:

    I just heard your music for the first time on xm bluesville “Cry out your name /As the crow flies” blew me away I look forward to seeing you live in Cleveland or traveling to Chicago Keep jamming and stay out of helicopters n little Buddy Holly planes

  9. Gary Dolphin says:

    frikin xcellent !!!

  10. Joe says:

    Great music. Love to see you in detroit. Rock on.

  11. Jay Cloidt says:

    Hi —
    I just heard “One Mo’ Gin” on Sirius XM (better check and make sure you’re getting royalties from them!) and it blew me out of the car. How can I buy the “Secret Stash” CD containing that song? Can’t seem to locate it, and Amazon says it’s not available– ??? Keep up the great work–nice to hear some contemporary blues with some real fire to it.

  12. Steve says:

    Was at the Port Sanilac Blues Festival Best You guys rocked it!!! Thanks for the memory. Glad I bought the CD

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